August 3, 2017

Nirdizati Training

Nirdizati Training is the component of Nirdizati that allows users to produce predictive models later used by Nirdizati Runtime for making predictions on a stream of events. It provides several algorithms for generating predictive models suitable for different types of predictions and tailored to each specific dataset. For example, it is able to build predictive models for predicting remaining time, the next activity to be performed, whether a certain outcome will be achieved or not and the overall workload per day. To this aim, the training component of Nirdizati relies on two phases: a training and a validation phase. In the former, one or more predictive models are built; in the latter, their suitability to the specific dataset is evaluated, so as to support the user in selecting the predictive model that ensures the best results.

Nirdizati Training is available at