August 3, 2017

Nirdizati Runtime

Once the predictive models have been created, they are used by the Runtime component to make predictions on ongoing cases. Nirdizati Runtime takes a stream of events produced by an information system, transforms it into a stream of predictions, and visualizes those predictions in a web-based dashboard.

The dashboard provides a list of both currently ongoing cases as well as completed cases. For each case, it is also possible to visualize a range of summary statistics including the number of events in the case, its starting time and the time when the latest event in the case has occurred. For the ongoing cases, Nirdizati Runtime provides the predicted values of the performance indicators the user wants to predict. For completed cases, instead, it shows the actual values of the indicators. In addition to the table view, the dashboard offers other visualization options, such as pie charts for case outcomes and bar charts for case durations.

Process workers and operational managers – typical users of the Runtime component – can set some process performance targets and subscribe to a stream of warnings and alerts generated whenever these targets are predicted to be violated. Thus, they will be capable of making informed, data-driven decisions to get a better control of the process executions. This is especially beneficial for processes where process participants have more leeway to make corrective actions (for example, in a lead management process).

Nirdizati Runtime is available at